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The International School of Andalucia is part of the International Schools Partnership, which boasts 11 educational centres across Spain. The schools teach the English national curriculum to pupils from ages 3-18, but allows for near automatic validation of exam results in the Spanish education system, paving the way for alumni to apply for universities in both Spain, the UK and across the world. The school is based in Seville.


Up until year 11 (ESO 4), all pupils who pass their GCSE exams and years 7-10 will automatically have their results validated by the Spanish education authority, giving them both English and Spanish school-level qualifications. To read more about the Spanish education levels, please visit our Education in Spain page. After year 11, students must pass both exams on the English national curriculum (IGCSEs and A Levels) as well as obligatory subjects on the Spanish curriculum if they wish to obtain Spanish secondary school qualifications (ESO & Bachillerato). You can read about how this works here. Native English speakers teach the English national curriculum, while native Spanish teachers teach the subjects necessary for Spanish education qualifications.


The International School of Andalucia is based in the town of Sanlucar la Mayor, a 30 minute drive from Seville city centre. The Seville international airport is also a 30 minute drive from the school. The International School of Andalucia is the same independent English school St. George’s British School of Sevilla, from Sanlúcar la Mayor (Sevilla).

The International School of Andalucia used to be known as the St. George’s British School of Sevilla, before being acquired by the International Schools Partnership (ISP).

Fees & Admissions

Tuition fees start at €550 per month for nursery students, and up to €884 per month for year 13 students. An enrolment fee of €1,525 is required of each student, with €525 to be returned and serves as a registration deposit fee. To see a breakdown of tuition fees and costs of school lunches and school buses for the 2021-22 academic year please click here. Admissions begin by making an enquiry, which can be done online on the school’s website. Interviews follow, and each student must pass a basic maths and English test before being guaranteed a place.

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Contact Details:

C/ Sevilla-Huelva, s/n, 41800 Sanlucar La Mayor, Sevilla / +34 955 702 430 / /

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