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April 22, 2016 | Life, Life Spain

Looking for legal guidance on Spanish or international matters? Advice on property, insurance, tax, family, trademarks & patents, matters of some complexity or something straightforward?  When asked when the best moment to seek legal advice is, every lawyer mentioned below coincided in saying that you should consider involving a lawyer as soon as you need make an informed decision about your affairs. As Fiona Borthwick says:  “Lawyers aren’t just there to sort out the mess, they are there to try and prevent the mess happening in the first place”.

Here is our selection of bilingual lawyers with experience of dealing with queries from foreign nationals based in Spain on a wide range of legal issues.

Giovanna Girardi – GP Girardi

Imagine that tomorrow you open your inbox and find an email from a lawyer telling you that another business has the copyright on your name or logo and you must stop using it immediately or face legal action?! How would you feel about that? Giovanna Girardi provides proactive legal management which helps businesses understand their intellectual property rights and builds strategies to avoid complicated legal situations. She advises on trademark, design and patent registration and maintenance, strategic IP legal planning, contract drafting & negotiation and legal defence. Giovanna meets clients face-to-face, by Skype or over the phone bearing in mind that the country where her clients do business is not necessarily the country they are based in or require advice about.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish & Portuguese
Legal practice: Spanish & European law
Website:  www.gpgirardi.com

Fiona Borthwick – Amity Instituto de Mediación

If you want to be sensible and savvy about wills, inheritance and tenancy-landlord situations, look no further than Fiona Borthwick. Over fifteen years Fiona has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in private as well as commercial transactions. She is also a good person to turn to for independent advice on your rights and obligations when contracting legal services, i.e. when you should get detailed advice and when it is not an obligation. She is adept at finding the best solution for short term issues, providing advice that considers the full picture and thus avoids the unexpected further down the line. Fiona is flexible about where and how to meet her clients, leaving it up to them to choose the form of communication that best suits them.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish & Italian
Legal practice: Spanish law; legal advice also provided on English legal system & contracts under Common Law.
Website:  www.amitymediacion.com

Margaret Hauschild  Rey – Bennet & Rey

Talking to Margaret Hauschild about work permits, migration law, labour law and workers’ rights is a deeply reassuring experience. Her knowledge, experience in the field and aptitude is legendary among her long-standing clients. Margaret is also a family lawyer who helps couples with custody issues, separations and divorce. Her international background, dual nationality and personal experience of being a foreigner in Spain has all contributed to making her one of the most trusted Spanish lawyers for independent foreign individuals seeking legal advice.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish & German
Legal practice: Spanish law
Website:  www.bennetrey.com

Isabel Añino Granados – Datresa Asesores

We are totally surrounded by laws” points out Isabel Añino Granados. Quite simply, legality cannot be avoided. However widening the scope of service that a lawyer can provide is one of her main aims. She uses her skills to provide advice that leads to understanding and agreements. Isabel is triggering a change in attitude towards legal practitioners, from reactive to proactive professionals that change society with contentious advice.  Her areas of practice include corporate, contracting, commercial, renewable energies, M&A, due diligence, administrative law, EPC and O&M.  Isabel holds face-to-face meetings with clients at her office in Madrid or by telephone.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish & German
Legal practice: Spanish law
Website:  www.da3a.es

Juan Montenegro – Meana Green Maura & Co

Keeping up to date with the latest news and views about Spanish banking practices has become more than just a profession for Juan Montenegro. His genuine interest in making sure that consumers like ourselves who are foreign nationals residing in Spain receive fair treatment has led him to offer a free advisory service for any international customer wishing to discuss the terms and conditions of their loans with a Spanish bank. He is an experienced litigator (more than 20 years) and his main areas of expertise are insurance law, personal injury law and banking. He has helped several mortgage holders reclaim money on abusive clauses.

Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Legal practice: Spanish law
Website:  www.meanagreenmaura.com

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