August 17, 2020 | Baby & Toddler, Berlin, Frankfurt, Germany, Hamburg, Munich

The inspiration for WonderBubz came from one mum spending lots of time, effort and money on an assortment of items and still not being able to find ‘just the right product’. The online company aims to provide a range of innovative products which enable parents to create engaging learning opportunities with their children. Having lived in Asia and travelling extensively, mum and entrepreneur Eily Hsu was also aware that there were many innovative products from across the world that were simply not available in Europe. Eily is really enjoying seeking out brilliant products, seeing how they can be part of the WonderBubz portfolio and experiencing first hand all the learning that comes from owning and running her own business. If you have seen any innovative/ game changing products recently and have failed to source them in Europe, please get in touch with Eily.

Read an interview with Eily Hsu on our blog.

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    I purchased the Kitchen Helper recently as a way to get my two boys interacting more with food preparation and as a fun activity to do particularly as we are now spending more time at home now. Found the delivery of it very fast and was kept updated every step of the way. Very professional service. The product is really good quality . It’s also very easy for my two year old to get in and out of and he is completely safe inside letting us get on with the fun. The material is very serviceable and easy to wipe down after messy recipes! I love that it can be folded away and stored easily so doesn’t take up lots of space. Would highly recommend Wonderbubz. (Sandra)

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