Your Year In Spain

November 15, 2020 | Granada, Home & Admin, Spain

Your Year in Spain

Sydney-based Founder Bianca and Granada-based specialist adviser Christine provide a unique and insightful relocation service to recently arrived families in Granada. Based on their experiences of moving and living abroad with their families, the duo have built in depth knowledge of the local area and the moving process.

Speaking English, French and Spanish between them, the duo offer tailored advice, assistance with renting a property, thoughtful arrival packages, school enrolment support and more (link here ). Your Year in Spain help families create an authentic and unforgettable cultural experience in Spain.

Every family is different and therefore we first take the time to understand who you are and what is most important for your sabbatical in Spain. From there we can tailor our research and advice to suit your requirements and budget. Having experienced our own year away and worked with many families over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge and experience about what to consider and look out for when planning a year abroad. We’re parents ourselves and we know that one of the most important aspects of moving abroad is finding a welcoming school with the level of immersion you wish for your children. We can help you determine which school option is more suited to your children’s needs. We then take care of enrolling your children in school as well as researching extracurricular local activities like sport, music, dance classes, tutoring, additional language classes and much more.” Christine Giraud

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Asta Herdis Hall

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  1. Ásta Herdís Hall says:

    It is safe to say that this has not been the easiest year to spend away from your home country. Not to mention the complications of getting to Granada in the first place, driving through covid struck Europe from Denmark all the way to Granada after taking the ferry from Iceland.

    What made us stick with our dream was the careful preparation and organising that we had done beforehand, all with the invaluable help of Christine and Bianca, from The beautiful house with swimming pool that we longed to live in and were prepared to spend quarantine in if worse came to worst. The schools that the girls were already enrolled in and the University course that Einar was going to attend. Everything was ready.

    Although it has not all been plain sailing, we have had a wonderful year. The girls have integrated well into their schools, made friends and gotten proficient in a new language. We have been able to travel quite a bit, mainly within the province of Granada however, and enjoy much of what the city has to offer. An unexpected part of our experience was the national park of Sierra de Hüetor, which is around 15 minutes from our house that offers a multitude of hiking routes and a welcome respite from the busy city environment. A covid free year would have been different, but we are very happy with the one we got.

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