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September 6, 2022 | Blog, Home & Relocation
Self-taught entrepreneur, Claire De Circourt, founded Paris Rental when she returned to Paris after living and working in New York for fifteen years. Using the experience she had gained in New York and surrounding herself with a multilingual team, she created an international environment in which she knew she would thrive. Here she talks to MumAbroad Life about the services Paris Rental offer and the appeal of Paris.

Sourcing apartments, admin assistance and school searches

Why and when was Paris Rental set up?


Paris Rental was founded in 1987 and was the first real estate agency dedicated to corporate apartment rentals for expat executives from international companies and global government agencies based in Paris.

What sets Paris Rental apart from other rental agencies in the French capital?


Paris Rental agency is very customer-oriented. We take special care in responding quickly to our customers, whether by phone or e-mail. We reply to every phone call, which is rare nowadays.

We have an international multilingual team. All Paris Rental’s home experts are English and French, Spanish, Italian, German, Laotian, and Chinese.


corporate apartment specialists

Claire and the team at Paris Rental

Who are Paris Rental’s main clients?


Our clients are expatriates, international companies, embassies, and government organizations. 80% of our clients are expatriates.

What tends to be the most important features that Paris Rental clients are looking for?


The comfort of the apartment rental and its location.

Which parts of Paris are your corporate apartments mainly located and currently, what Parisian neighbourhoods are currently in most demand and why?


Our apartments are mainly located in central Paris, as well as the western Parisian suburbs such as Neuilly-sur-Seine and Boulogne Billancourt.

How difficult is it to find good quality apartments in Paris?


Paris is a big city with hundreds of big companies and schools of all kinds. Therefore, it is difficult to find a good quality apartment and to have a winning rental file that will make you stand out among all the candidates who need furnished accommodation in Paris.


furnished corporate apartment

Your testimonials suggest that your clients are impressed with the staff and level of customer service, what specific traits do you look for when hiring staff?


To be part of Paris Rental Team, you have to be reliable, professional, have great energy, and like people! We look for someone with at least one experience in a service-oriented position abroad.

Aside from sourcing the apartments, what other services does Paris Rental offer its rental clients?


We have a classic package which is included in our agency fees
– We help clients assemble their rental files to have a winning rental application.
– We help our clients subscribe to their electricity/gas/internet contract.


We offer a school package as well (extra charges)
We can make introductions between the client’s family and the international schools of Paris:
  • Meeting with admissions departments
  • Organization of school visits
  • Personalized advice
  • Guidance through successful enrollment


We offer an assistance package (extra charges)

During your time in the apartment, the Paris Rentals team can assist tenant with:

  • Filing a damage report in case of a water leak, etc. (within the five days required)
  • Scheduling appointments for repairs
  • Communicating with the insurance company, meeting with agents on site, and all paperwork
  • Emergency services (locked out, lost keys, etc.)
  • Parking search


Expat furnished rentals Paris


We offer a farewell package (extra charges)

At the end of the client’s stay in a Paris Rental apartment, we will help our client handle all the tasks necessary for move-out.

  • Pre-visit of the apartment before the exit walkthrough and inventory
  • Assist in returning the apartment to its move-in state
  • Organize the exit walkthrough
  • Cancel all utilities and home insurance contracts
  • Return the Internet box to the provider
  • Assist with the return of security deposit

How long prior to moving should people begin looking for a furnished apartment?


Three to six weeks before moving are recommended.

You also have property management services for homeowners; how can you reassure potential owners that their homes are in good hands?


Anxious to meet the needs of the owners of furnished apartments designed for expatriates, Paris Rental founded “Home Management” in 1997, a subsidiary company to Paris Property Management.

Home Management takes care of managing the apartments of the owners wishing to entrust their property for rental and delegates the relationship with the tenant for total freedom and serenity.

What do you think is the ongoing appeal of Paris for expats and executives?


Paris has been such a dream destination for many reasons, such as

– Great work and economic dynamism (fashion, luxury industry)
– Excellent high education with the best business schools (HEC, ESSEC), engineering schools, prestigious public universities (Sorbonne), specialized schools (Cinema, fashion, art, pastry)

Describe Paris in 3 words


– Elegant
– Historic
– Sophisticated

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