École Française Ferdinand de Lesseps, Barcelona

February 19, 2018 | Catalonia, Schools Catalonia

Founded in 1859, Ecole Francaise Ferdinand de Lesseps is the oldest French educational establishment on the Iberian Peninsula. Enriched by its long history, the school continues to pursue its academic mission and promote both local and European culture. 580 children attend the French School Ferdinand de Lesseps starting from the first year of nursery school (3 years old) up to fifth grade (11 years old). It is a private institution, part of the AEFE network (Agency for French Education Abroad). In accordance with the agreement signed with the AEFE, the school strictly adheres to the syllabus set by the French Ministry of Education. In addition, both Spanish and Catalan are included in the school curriculum. Pupils who then wish to pursue their education can do so by attending the French Lycée in Barcelona (LFB), also a member of the AEFE school network.
Language of instruction: French
Other languages: Spanish, Catalan, English


The Ecole Francaise Ferdinand de Lesseps is located in the Eixample area of Barcelona, and is a short walk from the city centre.

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Contact Details:

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 707, 08013 Barcelona / +34 93 232 16 12 / lesseps@lesseps.netwww.lesseps.net

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