Is Moving Abroad Good For My Health?

May 14, 2021 | Blog, Home & Relocation, Wellbeing

There are many reasons why you may wish to move abroad – whether you are ditching the UK weather in favour of year-round sunshine or seeking out new job opportunities that will allow you to better support your family. Thankfully, moving abroad also comes hand in hand with a variety of benefits. To begin with, it gives you the opportunity to have a completely fresh start while learning more about the world around you. However, did you know that moving abroad can actually be good for your health?

Why moving abroad can be good for you


Whether you are moving to Spain, Germany, Italy or France each country has a unique healthcare system, which may well be more suited to your needs than the treatment and support you usually receive.

Starting a new job means you can establish new boundaries and develop a strong work-life balance, reducing stress and fatigue.

Spending more time in the sunshine can lift your mood significantly, boosting your body’s production of serotonin. It can also help you fall asleep easier at night.

Starting anew allows you to leave stress and anxiety behind – reshifting your focus and taking better care of both your mental and physical health.

However, moving abroad can also be rather stressful – meaning it is important that you pay particular attention to your health during (and after) this time. With that in mind, there are many ways in which you can take better care of your health when travelling.

How to take care of your health while travelling


If you are taking any medication, speak with your doctor ahead of time to get a copy of your prescription. This means that you will be able to gain access to your medication as soon as possible when abroad. If possible, you should also take several weeks worth of medication with you so that you don’t find yourself without it. 

Ensure that you have all of your plans for moving laid out ahead of time – as this saves you from the stressful ‘last-minute’ rush. The more relaxed you are, the kinder the move will be to your body. 

Don’t abandon your workout routine just because you have moved. While your schedule may be slightly different, it’s essential that you still make time for fitness. For example, if you haven’t signed up for a gym membership yet – you can complete a workout at home instead. Remember, you can also boost your workout and take better care of your body with healthy supplements. Try this to find out more.  

Develop a healthy sleep schedule, ensuring that you are well rested ahead of the move. Be wary of time differences – as it may take you a little while to settle into a comfortable sleeping pattern in your new home. 

When busy, it’s easy to reach for that takeout menu time and time again. However, you must place an emphasis on healthy eating – as this will help you look and feel better. You should ensure that your diet meets your nutritional needs

Drink plenty of water. Poor hydration can lead to significant side effects – especially if you are moving to a warmer country where you are unprepared for the weather.

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