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Kensington School, Madrid

Kensington School, since its foundation in 1968, has been one of the pioneer schools in the introduction of British education in Spain. Kensington School is a school for pupils ranging in age from 3-18. Having once completed their British education to the age of 14, pupils continue their Spanish studies towards Bachillerato and university entry whether in Spain or abroad. Right the way through the English National Curriculum, Kensington gives students a solid base in all subjects through the medium of English. From 3rd. ESO onwards, students can take the different exams of the University of Cambridge (First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency), and the DELF exams of the French Institute (A1, A2, B1, B2). Students can also take IGCSE exams in English from 3rd. ESO onwards. This exam will allow them to continue university studies in English-speaking countries.

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Avenida Bularas 2, Pozuelo de Alarcón, 28224 Madrid / +34 917 154 797 /

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