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April 6, 2018 | Italy, Schools Tuscany Umbria, Tuscany & Umbria, Tuscany & Umbria education

Kindergarten Bilingual School is a bilingual Italian/English school teaching pupils from ages 1-14 in Florence, Italy.


The Kindergarten School (The Bilingual School of Florence) has been in activity since 1973, taking children on an educational journey from Nursery to Middle School.

The school offers four separate programmes:

The curriculum of the Kindergarten’s Middle School has an international orientation and supplements the Italian state curriculum with English language and subject tuition, leading children to take both Italian state exams and Cambridge International exams. The breakdown of tuition is as follows:

  • Subjects in Italian L1: Italian (9 hours); Math and Science (9 hours); History and Geography (4 hours); Physical Education (2 hours); Music (1 hours); Religion/Alternative (1 hour);
  • Subjects in English L2: English (5 hours); Art (2 hours); Technology (2 hours);
  • Subjects in Spanish or French L3: Spanish/French (3 hours); Music (1 hours).


The school’s admissions process can be found here.


The school is based very close to the centre of Florence, and is a short 20-minute from the historic Renaissance centre.

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