Waldkletterpark Oberbayern

January 17, 2018 | Activities, Family Services, Germany, Munich

Outdoor rock climbing facility and tree top climbing in Jetzendorf, about 50 km from Munich. They organise children’s birthday parties (these need to be arranged well in advance) and with five paying birthday guests, the birthday child has free admission. Sensible clothing is recommended along with sturdy shoes (such as walking or sneakers). Climbing equipment is provided and is included in the entrance fee.



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Emma Coombs

Contact Details:

Am Waldkletterpark 1, 85305 Jetzendorf



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  1. MumAbroad says:

    There are no restrictions to climbing here, apart from a minimum height restriction (fear not, there are plenty of woods and a play park to enjoy if you’re not tall enough!), and once you have that harness on (all children under ten must be accompanied by adult climbers however) the world’s (or rather the tree-tops are) your oyster! Fantastic, confidence giving fun for children aged 6+. (Emma Coombs)

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