Pyrenees Summer Camp – Leadership and Creativity at La Molina

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At La Molina Summer Camp, children aged 7 to 14 get to experience the freedom of living in the middle of the mountains, connecting with nature, and sharing fun adventures and experiences with friends. 

At La Molina, children and young people have the chance to disconnect from their day-to-day routines and enjoy a variety of sports activities in beautiful natural surroundings, while practising their English with qualified instructors.

La Molina Summer Camp in the Pyrenees

“Welcome to a different kind of summer camp, immersed in nature, where you will develop leadership and creativity skills, enjoy the natural environment, laugh with new friends, overcome personal challenges and wish that the summer would never end!” – La Molina Summer Camp


Outside space at Pyrenees Summer Camp


Val de Tossa Camp Location

The Vall de Tossa camp is located in La Molina at an altitude of 1600 metres (about 5249.34 ft), close to the forest and the mountains and just a few steps from the ski slopes of the Pyrenees. The campground is over 100 m2 and includes an activity centre (which also serves as shelter from severe weather), kitchen, dining room with a fireplace, football field, outdoor theatre, and an outdoor meeting area.

Leadership and Creativity: An All-In-One Camp

The main goal of the summer camp is for participants to disconnect from their usual routine, enjoy their holidays in the middle of nature with friends, and strengthen their social relationships. In this context, through the numerous activities that they take part in, children will develop different skills, which are important in determining their individual creative and leadership skills.


Adventure and Sport Activities,


During the week, the children get to choose a project to work on and build up an action plan and strategy to give a final presentation on Saturday. Additionally, camp monitors create moments for the kids to share experiences in small groups or all together and make sure everyone is feeling comfortable.

Adventure and Sports

A typical week at La Molina Summer Camp in the Pyrenees includes a plethora of different activities. Kayak & paddle surfing take place at Lake Molina, a 10-minute walk from the camp. There is also a picnic area and a place to play volleyball. Children will also face a new challenge at the lake as a team, building a boat together (and making sure it floats). This year they will also be able to try sailing on the lake. Every child also gets to enjoy the camp swimming pool and engage in friendly water games.


Cycling in the Pyrenees


La Molina offers a wide range of mountain bike routes of varying levels of difficulty. The camp is equipped with state-of-the-art bikes in different sizes, and monitors are trained to assist beginners who may have only just learned how to cycle.

Other sports activities include rock climbing in the mountains, where students are fully equipped to safely enjoy the natural rock wall, with routes adapted to their level. Archery circuits marked in the forest give children the opportunity to focus, observe and practice their shooting and aiming techniques.

Other Activities at Camp

The mountains and the beautiful surroundings of the camp are best enjoyed by hiking the local trails. In a fun orienteering exercise, the children are challenged to navigate their way back to the camp in teams using their sense of orientation and observation, overcoming challenges (and finding snacks) along the way.



The camp also offers horse riding and caving. Children can spend the day horse riding at the Prullans Equestrian Centre, learning how to care for the horses and getting plenty of fresh air on nature walks. A short drive up the mountain by road campers can explore natural caves with a guide and discover how nature has sculpted the unique formations.

Another nice moment during each summer camp week is an afternoon spent in the charming town of Puigcerdà, wandering along cobbled streets lined with quaint shops where the children can buy souvenirs. A serene snack break with the picturesque backdrop of Lake Puigcerdà provides a welcome pause.


White water rafting in the Pyrenees

Each week there is an organised day out that campers look forward to, with a special group activity such as Ziplining in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees, over the lake of Porté Puymorens. Another thrilling excursion offered by the camp includes rafting down the Noguera Pallaresa River, through exciting rapids and stunning landscapes.

Camp Life at La Molina

Campers actively participate in daily camp life, from taking care of the chickens and checking for new eggs each morning to watering the vegetable patch, trees and flowers.

All of the meals at camp are prepared by a professional team of cooks, who stay with the group all week. Campers also get to enjoy special treat meals throughout the week including a barbecue, Fideuá, pizzas and burgers on the last night.



Alongside the more structured activities, during the week, children have time to relax and choose what they would like to do. The camp’s Ecolab involves clearing roads, building bridges, walkways, and dams on the river, observing the fauna and flora of the area and participating in preserving it.  The Ecolab project aims to add value to high mountain trails and make young people aware of the importance of maintaining forests and the natural environment.

During the week, campers in teams get to pitch their ideas and are supported by the camp monitors to create an action plan, find the resources, and build them. Past projects have included an aquarium, a fountain, a birdhouse, a woodshed, lemonade stands, art pieces and a recipe book, all created by talented campers.

Evening Activities


Camp nights in the Pyrenees


Every night the campers enjoy a different fun activity before going to bed, with evening games or activities to relax and spend some wonderful time with friends. On Thursdays, the group enjoys a movie night and on Saturdays, there is a farewell party with music and dancing

Each summer camp also culminates in an unforgettable talent show. Campers have the whole week to prepare their show for Friday night, from music and theatre to cinema, impressions and elaborate costumes. The children are free to share anything on the stage, and some unexpected new talents have been discovered along the way!

More Information:

The weekly summer camps at La Molina are suitable for children from 7 years old (usually up to 14). All of the activities are adapted to the ages and levels of each group to guarantee their enjoyment and safety.

Camps take place every week from Sunday to Sunday, with arrivals at Vall de Tossa camp in La Molina between 16h and 18h and departures between 10h and 12h. Parents can drive their children on Sunday or book a seat on the dedicated transportation organised from Barcelona (80€ for both ways).

Dates for the upcoming weekly 2024 summer camps are as follows: 

  •  23rd June to 30th June
  • 30th June to 7th July
  •  7th July to 14th July
  • 14th July to 21st July
  • 21st July to 28th July

I wanted to thank you for these past few weeks, they have had such a great time. Óscar called me at the start of the week to say everything was going well and Irene returned very happy and really liked the camping. I think they will both be back again next year! Please send our thanks to the team of monitors!” – Beatriz L

The Summer Camp Team at La Molina

The camp is run by a diverse and dedicated team of monitors, hailing from various countries and bringing a wealth of experiences to ensure a vibrant and enriching environment for your children. The team is not only committed to providing exceptional care throughout the day but is also well-versed in organising and leading engaging sports activities. The team is also supported by pre-monitors (17-year-old students in Y11), from different international schools in Barcelona, who participate in camp life through voluntary work for the week. 

For more information about the summer camps at La Molina, visit their website or contact coordinator Gaëlle Collas by emailing

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